A Great Reminder About Empowering Others

Whenever I head into a coaching conversation, I have two primary goals in mind. First my hope is that by the end of the conversation, my client can do something different. I strive to have my clients feel like they have a concrete take-away from our time together. Second, my hope is that my client feels empowered. This can take on many different looks based on the client and their unique experience, and that is why I love the spheres of influence/control tool. This is one of the main thinking tools that I use as a transformational coach.

As I was rereading Onward Chapter 7: Focus on the Bright Spots and reflecting on where/how this habit shows up in my practice, I was reminded of the importance of allowing your teachers and those you work with to see their growth for themselves. In Onward, Elena has sections called Implications for Leaders. Here is an insight on bright spots: Guide your teachers, especially new teachers, to see their growth for themselves. They need to recognize this journey and the struggles they surmounted. If you (or someone else) points out their strengths and accomplishments too much, it denies new teachers the power to see their own resourcefulness and ability.

So check in within yourself frequently and ask: Who is doing the heavy lifting in this coaching conversation?

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