Feeling Empowered Through Our Bright Spots

As we make our way through December, my hope is that you are noticing bright spots that may have previously been hidden. Our habit this month, focus on the bright spots, allows us to engage in life in ways that we may previously not thought possible. And when we do that, we tap into the disposition of the month, empowerment.

Today I am sharing my most recent blog with you, Embracing Neurodivergence. In it, I share my experiences of parenting a child who has a neurdiverse brain, which simply means that his brain is wired differently. This has created our fair share of frustration and struggle through the years, but as we made an intentional shift from thinking of this as a disability of his brain to focusing in on the variability of his brain, we began to feel empowered.

What’s possible if we allow ourselves to focus on the bright spots?