Addressing the Model Minority Myth

A friend had shared this video on Facebook, and as I was scrolling through her feed and watching, I was reminded of the work that chapter 1 of Onward challenges us to do. The chapter on knowing ourselves is so crucial to our resilience.

This video explains the model minority myth so well and the role that the dominant culture had in creating this. In chapter 1 of Onward, Elena Aguilar shares ways to “loosen the binds of dominant culture: Learn to recognize and identify the webs of dominant culture, name them and their power, place them in a historical context, and identify the nuances of how they impact mundane social interactions.” Elena goes on to share ways we can address dominant culture as the problem and how our resilience will help us make a change.

So grateful my friend shared this video to give me a little insight into her world. She added this simple caption: So worth a watch. This explains a lot. So please watch and share this video to keep the conversation going.