Becoming a Better Learner


As a mom of a teenage boy, I am so appreciative of the message that Elena shares in Chapter 3 of Onward. I am constantly reminding him that individual stories become collective tales. The stories we craft predict our futures, encapsulate our legacies, and impact our resilience. You have a choice, so tell powerful stories.

School does not come easy for him. Through the years, he has been frustrated that he doesn’t learn like his peers. With each intervention-type class or group he is in, he grows more weary of school. He definitely has a narrative about him and school, and I am constantly trying to help him rewrite that narrative. So articles such as this one have helped give us hope. Learning is a Learned Behavior. Here is How To Get Better At It is a great reminder that improving is possible.

Here are the 3 practical ways shared in the article to build learning skills:

  • Organize your goals
  • Think about thinking
  • Reflect on your learning

These give me hope. Practical ways that will him tell his most empowering story!