Boost Your Resilience at the Beach

Wish I would have shared this at the start of summer, but better late than never right? You need to read, What the beach does to your brain. Hopefully you will be able to sneak away to the beach for one last weekend as summer winds down.

Or better yet, sign up for the Art of Coaching Conference!! This amazing conference is held at the Asilomar Conference Center which is located right on the beach in Monterey, CA. Registration is now open. It is such a unique and amazing experience!

I grew up close to the ocean and my favorite escape was to head to the beach. In college I actually had a doctor prescribe an hour daily at the ocean when I was run down with a virus. At the time, I never knew why it always made everything better, but now I know.

My hope for you is that you can find your way to the beach to boost your resilience!