Becoming an Optimist

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Good news out there for those of you that feel you take a more pessimistic view of the world. You can change! T

he article Optimism is a Skill That Can Be Learned explains the clear difference between an optimist and a pessimist: Dr. Martin Seligman shares that “The optimist believes that bad events have specific causes, while good events will enhance everything he does: the pessimist believes that bad events have universal causes & that good events are caused by specific factors.” Such a clear distinction in viewpoints and how we make sense of the world happening around us.

So how can you become a more optimistic person? Start with this list that Elena shares in Chapter 3 of Onward:

  • Look at the big picture and identify all possible options
  • See opportunity in adversity
  • Search for root causes of challenges and don’t play the blame game
  • Enjoy the journey—and see everything as part of the journey
  • Understand that life contains ups and downs
  • Accept that life can be unfair, diffi cult, and tough
  • Recognize that struggles are outside them, are temporary, and are specific
  • Look for solutions and don’t complain
  • Use positive self -talk
  • Seek happiness within
  • Appreciate little and big things
  • Avoid negative people, because emotions are contagious
  • Let go and forgive
  • Smile

Start today. Make subtle changes and notice more optimism finding a place in your life.