Change Happens

Change happens, and when it does, how do you respond?

As we kick off our learning this month exploring the habit of riding the waves of change, a great resource to explore as a starting point for our learning is Jay Shetty’s video: Finding Strength in Difficult Times.

In this video, Jay shares the following 6 ways that he manages change and finds strength.

  1. It is OK to be the way you feel, accept it, honor it.
  2. Look for examples in the human history.
  3. Change the story you tell yourself.
  4. Find an uplifting community.
  5. Focus on what you can learn from the situation.
  6. Be that change, embody that change.

Love how much of our learning this past year from Onward is included in this list. Now is the time. Put into practice all that you have been learning about.