Channeling Your Inner Dalai Lama

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Dalai Lama

Humor. One of my core values and definitely one of my favorite ways to build up my resilience. And one of the dispositions in Onward. When I think back to trying or difficult times in my life, there is usually a funny story that goes with it. Humor has the capacity to lower our stress levels and with what we know about mirror neurons, laughter can help those around us too.

So how can you find ways to bring laughter into your life? We can look to the Dalai Lama to be our teacher. This article on the Dalai Lama shares how “His Holiness suggests everyone let themselves be playful and find the funny in life. In his book “My Spiritual Journey,” he calls himself a ‘professional laugher’ and writes that he comes from a cheerful family that is always ‘amusing ourselves, teasing each other, joking. It’s our habit.’”

Are you finding the funny in life? Think about a time you could have used humor and laughter to lighten a serious situation. Describe the situation. What would have been different if you brought some laughter into the situation?