Exploring Our Identities Through the Stories We Tell

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The Face of an Old Man

As part of the habit of knowing yourself (Chapter 1 in Onward), a pretty basic start is with the question who are you? As your list continues to grow, mother, educator, runner, what would happen if the very thing that defines you was taken from you? What if you lost that part of your identity? How would you go on? How does the story we choose to tell affect how we find ourselves again?

Listen to the podcast I, I, I. Him and think about a story that you often tell that helps to shape and define your identity. Imagine that being taken from you. Play around with rewriting that story and find the value in telling empowering stories (Chapter 3 in Onward). Who are you? Share your story in the comments below.


  • A story that I often tell is the day I came to fully understand that I am a daughter of God, a loving Heavenly Father who knows me and loves me and wants all that is good and right for me. As I kneeled by my couch in prayer, asking God if I was truly His daughter, I first felt the immensity of His creations and my seeming insignificance among those creations. But I then immediately felt as though I was all there was in Hiis creations, and I felt His amazing and unconditional love for me. I felt that he knew me as intimately as my earthly parents. That was a defining moment in my life that has changed how I view myself in relation to other people. After that experience, it no longer mattered what others thought of me, it only mattered what God thought of me. I am a child, a daughter of a God, of Jesus Christ, the king of all kings. My church can be taken away. My religion can be taken away. But my experience can never be taken from me, thus my understanding of who and what I am can never be taken from me because it did not come from without, it came from within.

  • I think building ones identity has to do with knowing how to rebuild and recreate one’s self. As we move through time, we must adapt and be informed in order to maintain good judgement.

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