Do You Have a Vision Board?

If you enjoyed yesterday’s glimpse into our The Onward Workbook, hopefully you will also enjoy the activity we are offering for today.

The workbook activity guides you to create a vision board. The first vision board I created was in a workshop with Anne Marie Sebastiani. If you are a visual learner and prefer to be guided through the process, you may prefer to watch this and follow along creating your own board.

Or you can just dive right in with the following direction and guidance that Elena gives in The Onward Workbook:

When big changes come beating down on us, we lurch into reactive mode, responding only to what is in front of us, dog-paddling to stay afloat. A lot of energy is used in that effort. This is an optimal time to shift your attention to what you want in life.

Because our minds think in images, a vision board is a fun way to generate thoughts about what we want to see, feel, experience, and have. You simply cut out pictures from magazines of places you’d like to be, experiences you want in your life, people you want around you, and so on—and paste them on a board and hang it somewhere that you’ll see every day.

Of course, you could do this activity at any point during the year—it’s a great New Year’s or end-of summer/back-to-school activity because it pushes you to think about what you want to manifest.

If you’ve never made one of these boards before and are a little skeptical about trying it—I hear you. I felt the same. Then I tried it, and it worked. Try it—what have you got to lose?

Start collecting magazines. Think about both your personal and professional life—so save some of those education-related catalogues that you’d otherwise recycle right away. Collect for a while and then find yourself a space on a rug, at a big table, or out under an oak tree, and cut, place, and paste without giving it too much thought. Perhaps paste a photo of your vision board here as a record.