Exploring Your Chakras

Have you ever been in a yoga class and heard the teacher reference your chakras, or energy centers within each of us? Knowing about your chakras can help you find balance in your body and allow you to begin to thrive in your life. Chapter 1 of Onward is all about knowing ourselves. Learn about chakras to bring another level of awareness and balance to your life.

Here is a great beginner’s guide to learning about chakras.. Learn how “each chakra plays a role in establishing our overall health and well being. For optimal health, these energy wheels need to be aligned, clear and balanced. It is believed that when these energy centers are imbalanced that physical and emotional disturbances occur.” After reading about chakras, reflect on how understanding your chakras can play a part in a better understanding of yourself.

Which of your chakras is out of balance? How is the imbalance showing up for you? How can you be intentional with balancing your chakras? Create a plan for balancing your chakras.