How Do You Want to Show Up?

When I lead workshops on Coaching Emotional Resilience or The Art of Coaching Teams, I always ask the participants to set an intention for the day, and I preface this with the question: How do you want to show up today?

As we work through the habits in Onward, I think this is a worthy question to ask to keep us grounded in the habits that we are exploring. How do I want to show up today as a learner? (For example, if you are currently working through Chapter 9 of Onward this month).

So what does it look like if you show up as a learner? In Can You Follow This “Learning Norm”? George Couros, author of The Innovator’s Mindset writes about leading professional learning experiences where administrators and superintendents are there “to learn” and yet when their phones ring, they slip outside to answer it. He goes on to share “This is not to shame anyone into being better at a professional learning day. It is just to get educators constantly focused on what it means to be a learner. ”

So pause for a moment ask yourself that question. What does it mean to be a learner? What does it look like? Sound like? As you explore these, think about how you want to show up.

Couros ends the article with something that he has been thinking about: “If we want our students to become better learners, we have to think about what that means for us as educators, and what we would model to our students.”

Some good food for thought.