January is the Perfect Time to Change Your Perspective

I just love how Onward‘s habit and disposition for January are compassions and perspective, respectively. As I think about what lies ahead for this year, I love looking through the lens of compassion and perspective to discover this.

Today, I want to focus on perspective. I find that we often get stuck in our ways and have a hard time initiating change. Even though we may love new beginnings that come with the new year, we quickly find ourselves back in old routines that may not serve us and those around us well. So before you find yourself in a rut, take time to switch up your perspective.

How do you go about doing that? Here are three tips from Changing Your Perspective:

  1. Change your routine.
  2. Take back your power.
  3. Visualize.

I have been a believer in visualization since I ran my first marathon. As part of my training, I visualized each mile. What I love about the discussion of visualization here though is the power of visualization in helping to change your perspective: “For example, if you climb to the top of the mountain and look out at the view in front of you, what do you see? The sky, the horizon, the valley below (as vague, tiny figures with no clarity) and you also see your immediate surroundings of trees, rocks, shrubs, whatever is around you. Now place yourself in the valley. Look around you now. What do you see? The tall mountain in front of you with its peak so far away you can’t see the individual rocks and trees. You see the sky from a further distance and maybe the clouds look smaller and less fluffy. Now your immediate surroundings; they are no longer tiny, indistinct things. They are full of detail and life. You see things you couldn’t possibly see from the top of the mountain.”

What’s possible if you change your perspective????