Our Relationship with Sadness

Often when we think of sadness, we view it as a negative emotion. And this is precisely why I love how Elena Aguilar takes a dive into sadness in Chapter 7 of sadness: What is it like, I wonder, to have a healthy relationship to sadness? I believe that is possible. I think it would entail sharing our sadness with others, accepting its existence and shedding the shame of it.

If you have read Chapter 2 on Understanding Emotion, you know that Elena also believes that the Pixar movie Inside Out should be required watching by all humans. So when I came across this video The Power of Sadness in Inside Out, I knew I had to share it this month. This video addresses the concept of negative emotions and explains how they can actually guide our rational thinking. She goes on to share how sadness is often the trigger for seeking comfort and bonding.

Reminds me of the last line from this section of Onward: We cannot see the bright spots if we cannot also see the bleak moments.