Pause Now. Celebrate!

For those of you that have been reading Onward this year month by month, this is the perfect time to pause for a moment now and celebrate all the work you have done. Seriously, pause now. Celebrate your growth. Celebrate the connections you’ve made. Celebrate the joy that has come in to your life. Celebrate you. Celebrate the progress that you are making.

In “Without Celebration, We Wither Away,” authors Rob Hopkins and Chris Johnstone share that “If you don’t pause to first of all notice that you’ve made any progress, it’s very easy to feel that you’re not making any progress. If you’re not making any progress, one of the risks for burnout is that loss of meaning where you lose the sense that there’s a point to what you do. Basically you run dry.” So pause now to think about the progress that you have made this year. And CELEBRATE that progress.