The Awe Walk

Today we are exploring another activity that can help to cultivate awe and wonder, the emotion that we take a dive into in Chapter 12 of Onward. In case you missed the previous activities, find them linked here in this post.

The Awe Walk. For those that are visual or auditory learners, watch this video of a guided awe walk. And read more about the awe walk here in’s A Guided Awe Walk Meditation. Simply defined, “An awe walk is a walk within a place of meaning and beauty, where your sole task is to encounter something that amazes and transcends, be it big or small. I look for awe walks during my work day, with my family at night, and in rural and urban settings.” How do you experience the world differently when you are noticing the awe around you? How does this help to cultivate your resilience?

Take an awe walk today and share your experience in the comments.