The Monthly Mantra for December

Welcome to another month of working with Onward! This month as we move into Chapter 7, we explore the habit of focusing on bright spots, the disposition of empowerment and take a dive into sadness.

Here at Onward, we are offering a monthly mantra that will go with the habit and disposition for the month. In December, the days are shorter and exhaustion from fall has set in. Elena shares in the opening of Chapter 7: “We can hone our attention to focus on our strengths, assets, and skills. This helps us generally feel better and enables us to respond to challenges more effectively. Focusing on strengths also boosts our levels of self-efficacy, and we feel more empowered to influence our surroundings.”

So we offer you this mantra for December: Start where I am. Use what I can. Do what I can. Allow this mantra to be empowering as you focus on the bright spots. Hopefully you were following us last month and played around with the mantra we offered. If mantras are new to you, explore the uses and benefits here.

Have fun exploring the many uses of mantras as you focus on the bright spots and feel the empowerment grow within this month. Share your stories in the comments to help build our community here.