The Power of Creativity


An entire chapter of Onward, Chapter 10 to be exact, is dedicated to creativity and play. This video of Caine’s Arcade shows exactly what Elena Aguilar talks about in this chapter. Play and creativity are necessary to the success and resilience of our students, and teachers! She shares that “Creativity and its cousins-imagination and innovation-are missing ingredients in many school reform efforts. School transformation almost always relies on deeply creative thinking.”

Bringing this idea into your classroom: How can you inspire your students to flex their creativity muscle? Design a project that allows for student choice so they can channel their inner Caine. And parents, with summer coming up, use Caine’s story as motivation for your kids to have less screen time and more creative play.

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  • A wonderful testimony to the power of persistence! Caine’s valuable treasure is his vision – the building materials are secondary to building community.

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