These Ducklings Are Great Models of Perseverance

What do you do when faced with a challenge? Do you persevere or are you quick to give up? Watch these ducklings for inspiration and a lesson on perseverance.

In Chapter 11 of Onward, Elena discusses the disposition of perseverance. “Resilient people are tenacious, and completing challenges strengthens this disposition.” These ducklings truly are tenacious, but also so supportive. How can we strengthen this disposition not only in ourselves but in our students as well. How can we surround ourselves with role models and cheerleaders who will encourage us to persevere? How can we be those role models and cheerleaders for others?Bringing this to the classroom: How can you shift the cognitive load to your students? How will you guide them to persevere through difficult tasks? Create a classroom where productive struggle is expected. Learning this disposition early on in our lives will create a much more resilient population.

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