Understanding Your Influence

As Elena Aguilar shares in Chapter 7 of Onward: In order to build resilience, you must feel the ability to respond to challenges lies within you. She goes on to share 7 ways to cultivate your own sense of power. We shared last week about the first two ways in the blog Cultivating Your Own Sense of Power and today we are going to look at number 4 on the list: When you encounter a challenge, or when you stumble and fall, ask yourself, Is it within my influence or control to do something about this challenge? If you answer yes, then you’ll cultivate your own power.

This idea of uncovering what is in your influence or control is foundational in Transformational Coaching, especially when clients need to feel empowered. As a visual learner, I often use Elena’s Spheres of Influence tool in a coaching session in order to guide my client to a more empowering space. Elena’s Spheres of Control blog on EdWeek will help guide you through this resource as well as give you some examples of what this sounds like in a coaching session.

So empowering to shift your focus away from things that are beyond your control to things that you can influence and control.