Finding Yourself in Your Successes

We have been sharing this month on how to cultivate your own sense of power as a way to increase your resilience. We have shared strategies in Cultivating Your Own Sense of Power and in Understanding Your Influence. Today we are going to share the last two strategies that Elena Aguilar shares in Onward on the disposition of empowerment.

Elena encourages you to sketch out an action plan and carry it forth. She then provides this last two strategies as a way to boost your disposition of empowerment:

  1. As you implement your plan and see the changes you are striving for, document them. Recognize your accomplishments. Take credit for them – even if someone else provided advice, suggestions, or help along the way. You must see your own growth, or you won’t cultivate empowerment.
  2. Ask yourself, What went well today, and what was my role in making things go well? Recognize the bright spots every day in your teaching practice where your actions help you accomplish little and big goals.

I have started using these last two questions: what went well today and what was my role in making things go well? in my reflections at work and in my personal life and they have definitely helped me shift into a place of empowerment. I have also used them with my teenagers, and although challenging at first for them to identify their role in what was going well, I can see their resilience growing.

Imagine what is possible when you feel empowered to live your best life!