Can Creativity Help During Stressful Times?


I am always on the lookout for stress-reducing ideas. I consider myself a pretty calm person (I have a regular yoga and meditation practice that helps tremendously with this), but with the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, I feel my stress levels are on the rise. So it’s no wonder that while I was searching for sources to share for this month’s habit of play and create that this article caught my attention.

Psychotherapist, Nicola Vanlint, shares The Positive Benefits of Creativity and writes about the meditative qualities of creativity. Sounds interesting right? Here are the other benefits of creativity that she shares:

  • freedom
  • self-awareness and expression
  • faith and confidence in our instincts
  • stress relief
  • problem solving

And she also shared this TedxTalk: You’re A Lot More Creative Than You Think You Are. Where do you fall when talking about your levels of creativity? Do you consider yourself creative? If so, how does your creativity show up in your life? If you don’t consider yourself creative, why not? Have you always felt this way? Take time to explore your thoughts on creativity this month, and see if you can access the benefits that Vanlint writes about.