Create This For Your School or Organization

As we shift into March, here at Onward we move into the habit of play and create. I have a task for you. Create a poster (or whatever feels right for you) that uses the concept pictured above for a school setting.

The picture shows a chart created by the Salford Care Organisation that oversees a teaching hospital where this chart is used. Their website shares how this checklist is used to encourage reflection and mindfulness. How do you envision something like this being used in your school or organization. Use your creativity and see what you come up with. If you are willing, share in the comments. I’m so grateful for my social worker friend Cristina who shared it originally with me. Another reminder of the importance of building community.

Here are the checklist items:

  • Take a moment to think about today
  • Acknowledge one thing that was difficult on your shift: let it go
  • Be proud of the care you gave today
  • Consider three things that went well
  • Check on your colleagues before you leave: are the OK?
  • Are you OK? Your senior team are here to listen and support you
  • Now switch your attention to home: Rest and Recharge

Imagine our schools and organizations if this was a regular practice at the end of our days.