Create a Remember-lutions Jar

As we wind down the calendar year, and start to plan for the coming year, I wanted to share the following activity out of The Onward Workbook. This activity is designed to boost your resilience by focusing on the bright spots throughout the coming year.

This activity is an alternative to creating New Year’s resolutions, and you could do this at the start of a calendar or school year, or you could start at any time!

Over the course of a semester, school year, or calendar year, fill a jar with notes about your favorite memories and accomplishments. Find a jar, decorate it if you want and then every day or every week, write a note and drop it in. Make sure to include notes about what you feel proud of having done. At the end of the semester, sit back and read through the notes in your jar. You could even do this activity with students! Or add it to your faculty or team meetings!