Curiosity as the Driver

Why is curiosity so important to an organization? This month here at Onward, we are focusing on the disposition of curiosity as we fill our resilience reservoirs up. We have posted a lot this month on the importance of curiosity, but the more I am reading about it and it’s connection to many of the other habits and dispositions of resilient people, the more I want to share and talk about curiosity!

Today’s shared resource from the Harvard Business Review is The Business Case for Curiosity. The Harvard Business Review’s September – October 2018 issue was titled Why Curiosity Matters. As I have mentioned, being in education my whole career, I like to look to fields outside of education for some guidance.

This article shares the following benefits of curiosity:

  1. Fewer decision-making errors.
  2. More innovation and positive changes in both creative and noncreative jobs.
  3. Reduced group conflict.
  4. More-open communication and better team performance.

And it goes on to share many ways to bolster curiosity. This one is my favorite: Have “Why?” “What if…?” and “How might we…?” days. How cool would this be to run a team meeting with these questions or even a classroom discussion.

Curiosity is necessary for continued growth!