Deal With Emotions – Explore RAIN

In Chapter 7 of Onward, Elena shares 5 practices to train your brain and direct your mind and emotions to focus on the bright spots. Early this week, we shared how to Set Intentions to Direct Your Mind, Take an Inquiry Stance and Open Your Mind, and Engage in Appreciative Inquiry. Today we are going to share about dealing with emotions.

From Onward: You’re only going to be able to focus on bright spots if you have the ability to deal with challenges.Without skills to respond to your feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, or fear, you’ll feel uncomfortable focusing solely on bright spots. Here is a powerful strategy for dealing with difficult emotions. The acronym for the four-step practice is RAIN, which stands for recognize, accept, investigate and non-identification.

  • Recognize that you are experiencing something. Step back into observation rather than reaction. Bring awareness to your thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Name the emotions that are present.
  • Accept whatever is. Acknowledge that your experience is what it is. Exercise self-compassion rather than criticism.
  • Investigate. Kindly ask yourself, What’s going on inside me? Where is this coming from? What does this feeling want from me? Get curious.
  • Non-identification asks you to remind yourself that you are not your emotions or the stories you spin. You have the thought or feeling; you are not the thought or feeling. Feelings are transient, and when you recognize this, you’ll feel more at peace and able to deal with whatever is happening.

Practice RAIN the next time a challenge comes up and observe how it allows you to shift into focusing on the bright spots.