Finding Our Happiness

Recently, Elena shared this ON Being blog by Sharon Salzberg with me: Happiness Is An Arm of Resilience. As I read it, I kept finding myself nodding my head. And then I got to this part:

In my first years studying meditation with one of my teachers, Munindra, a fellow student once asked him why and how he came to practice meditation. I expected a studious response, perhaps a pious one, but Munindra’s answer totally surprised me. Without hesitation, he replied,

“I practice meditation so that I can notice the small purple flowers by the roadside that we otherwise miss.”

I LOVE THIS! And I found myself yelling “yes!” When I think about focusing on the bright spots as a way to boost our resilience, this is what I think of. Being able to notice things that we often miss. I have learned to question myself asking “Why am I missing these things?” as I reflect on my happiness in my life.

And I equally love how the blog ends:

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh has said,

“Happiness is available. Please help yourself.”

Helping ourselves could not only amount to our own happiness, but also to our commitment to the wellbeing of others.

So take some time this month to help yourself to some happiness!!