Emotions and Perfectionism

If you are reading Onward on a monthly schedule as the book suggests, you are now into Chapter 6: Take Care of Yourself. You have most likely noticed the interconnectedness of so many of the habits and dispositions up to this point. And you also know that we dive into an emotion each month as well.

For the month of November, we dive into perfectionism, I am struck by a statement Elena makes in this section of the chapter: At the heart of perfectionism is a belief that , in order to be loved and accepted, we must strive to act and be the best all the time. Our very worth as a human being is tied to our perfection. Knowing ourselves (Chapter 1) and understanding emotions (Chapter 2) are foundational habits to begin to unpack any perfectionism in yourself or someone you coach.

As I was researching ideas for blog posts, I came across this Brené Brown compilation video in which she talks not only about perfectionism but also in its connection to emotions. I am reminded of how important the foundational habits in the first few chapters of Onward are to cultivating our resilience!


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