Glitter Jars!

Have you ever used a glitter jar? These jars are calming and are perfect for providing a visual for when your mind is feeling chaotic and you need to slow down and focus on your breath. In that moment of chaos, shake your jar, and begin to focus on your breath. Slow your breath down as you watch the glitter swirl around the jar and slowly begin to settle. As you continue to breath, and the glitter continues to settle, notice that a sense of calm has come over you and the chaos has subsided. As you can imagine, these are great to use with kids, but I have found that teenagers and even adults love the visual reminder of creating calm in your life!

Hopefully you will have some time this weekend to make a glitter jar. Watch this tutorial video for a quick and easy look into this easy do-it-yourself project. And if you have never used glitter jars, you are in for a treat. Share your glitter jar experiences here to help inspire others.