How Do You View Change?

Change is one constant we an always count on. Is that frustrating or reassuring to you?

Each month I am always on the search for practical approaches the the habits and dispositions that we are focusing on. And if you have read previous posts on this website, you know that I am fascinated with the brain. So today I am sharing 10 Change-Management Strategies That Are Backed By Science.

The following strategies are shared as insights for helping people deal with change:

  1. First of all, make the change familiar.
  2. Let people create change.
  3. Simplify your communication.
  4. Don’t sugarcoat the truth.
  5. Help people pay attention.
  6. Don’t under estimate the power of emotion.
  7. In addition, remember that emotions are infectious.
  8. Watch your body language.
  9. Give people a stabilizing foundation.
  10. Optimize the power of inclusive relationships.

Which ones resonate the most with you?