Meditation and Resilience: So Much to Learn From the Thai Soccer Team

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So the story of the trapped Thai soccer team gained world-wide attention, and I was almost obsessed with the story. I would check my news updates first thing in the morning to check in on them and the rescue efforts. And as the first group was rescued, I was filled with such gratitude. As a mom of a 14 and 12-year-old boys who are athletes and attend “team bonding” activities all the time with their baseball and basketball teams, my heart just went out to the coach, players and families. So many emotions rushed over me as I read more and more about their story.

But then I read an article about the coach and his training as a monk and how he taught the boys what he knew about meditation to help them survive. With the work I do with training people on cultivating their resilience and teaching my own boys about meditation and visualization especially in regards to their athletic endeavors, I loved hearing about this part of the story! These boys trained their minds to remain calm. They have learned to cultivate their resilience! Such an inspiration!

Another great argument for meditation for sure. If meditation is new to you, try out some of the meditations on our website. Daily meditation has the power to save your life, so why not start today!