Responding to Change

One of my favorite coaching tools is the spheres of influence. This is one of my “go to’s” as a coach and one that I use frequently in moments of self-reflection as well. This month as we learn to cultivate our resilience by riding the ways of change, we can look at the role that control plays.

The Psychology of Dealing with Change: How to Become Resilient looks at the following healthy practices that help you cope with change and boost your resilience:

  1. Evaluate your level of control
  2. Practice self-care after a loss
  3. Check your thought patterns
  4. Be in the present
  5. Find your priorities

It is no surprise that the first practice deals with control. And when you internalize the spheres of control you will begin to see how empowering this practice can be as we respond to change. And love the connection of the other healthy practices to the work we have been doing throughout Onward.

Here’s to cultivating our resilience!!!