The Power of YES

As we close out this month, I want to share this interview from Mindful – Dr. Dan Siegel: What Hearing “Yes” Does to Your Child’s Brain. The interview explains “that Yes is more than a word. It’s a state of being, of relating, and a gateway to curiosity, growth, and resilience, according to internationally recognized educator, neuropsychiatrist, and bestselling author Dr. Dan Siegel.”

When we consider the ways that we foster curiosity in our students and our own children, think about the power of yes. When we empower our children to use their “yes” brains, they are operating from a place of curiosity. We know that when neural pathways start firing together, they will begin wiring together, so developing this “yes” brain will ultimately boost your child’s resilience. As Siegel shares “How do you create an integrated “yes brain” state so that repeated states that are created when your child is growing up with you become traits of positivity in the child’s life? A state becomes a trait because of snagging the brain.”

What changes can you make as a parent or with your students to better foster a “yes” brain?