Trust the Process

Resilient people trust themselves, and they trust a process. – Elena Aguilar

My hope as that through your work with Onward, you have learned to trust yourself and trust the process of this work. When I was going through Elena Aguilar’s Art of Coaching Certification Course, we had many conversations about my coaching and she would often remind me to be unattached to outcome and trust the process. As hard as both of these things is, when I would follow her advice, I would see so much growth in my coaching relationships. As we work on cultivating our resilience, we have to remember this advice.

Many of you are finishing up your first year of Onward and are now asking what now? I encourage you to stick with the work and enjoy the journey. As much as our resilience is cultivated, there are often times in our lives when it is depleted. Stick with this work. Keep cultivating it!. This Psychology Today article, Trusting the Process, is a great reminder of this: “Happiness isn’t in trying to achieve goals; it’s in knowing that the process, not the outcome, is what’s most important, and that process shouldn’t be rushed.”

Enjoy the journey, my friends.