Achieving Clarity of Mind

One of my favorites parts of Chapter 5: Be Here Now in Onward is where Elena shares a personal account that explains how meditation relieves confusion:

For two years, I worked in a supremely dysfunctional school, but I had a hard time accepting my need to leave. Every place has problems and Someone needs to be here to try to make things better for these kids. I couldn’t see my options clearly. I’d been in a non meditating phase (I’m a terribly inconsistent meditator, although on a steadily improving trajectory), and when I returned to these practices that grounded me, I started setting boundaries and getting clarity. Meditation helped me extricate myself from the drama and gain insight into the situation. I also saw how leaving the school and following other paths might bring me more peace, move me closer to my long-term goals, and help me feel more aligned to my core values. When I made the decision to leave, I didn’t feel as though I was escaping. I felt that I was moving toward my purpose and reason for being alive, toward my joy and satisfaction, and toward healthy community and well-being.

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