What Are Your Top Ten Micro-Moments of Joy?

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In Chapter 5: Be Here Now of Onward, Elena asks you to recall a time when you felt real joy. Imagine the experience, vividly, in detail, bringing your senses into the recollection. What were the colors, sounds, and scents of the experience? What did your body feel like in that moment? How does it feel to remember that moment?

Pause now and take a moment to recall this time of joy. Pretty amazing right. As amazing as this is, what if I told you that you are missing many micro-moments of joy that happen throughout your day? Mindfulness and power of noticing helps you focus in on these micro-moments. What if at the end of every day, you took a moment to come up with your top ten micro-moments of joy. Read this article Top Ten “Micro Moments” of Happiness for inspiration. Try it for a week and notice how your outlook changes and your optimism increases.