Transform Your Biases

We have shared a lot this month about the positive effects of mindfulness, but none might be as important as this for the world we are living in now. A mindfulness practice can help us transform our biases. This Mindful Schools post Mindfulness and Transforming Bias shares one of the most promising bits of research: “Initial studies have shown that even ten minutes of mindfulness practice can reduce implicit racial and age bias.” Imagine a world where we were all working on transforming our biases. Looking for a more concrete way for this to happen? Check out this research: “Loving-kindness (or heartfulness) practice transforms bias in different way. The cultivation of prosocial mental states like kindness and compassion alters the default internal atmosphere of the heart/mind towards an innate disposition of goodwill. This may have the effect of overriding or replacing implicit bias. Initial studies have shown that six weeks of loving-kindness, even seven minutes of this intentional practice, can reduce implicit bias.”

Now is the time to start a daily loving kindness meditation. Use this guided loving kindness meditation from the resources tab of our website to get you started. Be a part of the movement to transform the world.