Connecting Intentions to Meditation

A couple months ago, we shared the post Give Your Life Meaning: Set Intentions. We talked about how the power of setting intentions can help you craft new stories. Hopefully you have been playing around with setting intentions and have had some first hand experiences of the affect they have had in your life.

Today we connect intentions to meditations. As Elena shares in Chapter 5 of Onward, “one way to help yourself get motivated to meditate, and to keep up a practice, is to reflect on why you’re meditating and what it might do for you as well as for others in your life. When you sit down to meditate, begin by setting an intention. This could should like, My meditation today will help me respond Kindly to my students and will help me find joy in teaching today. Or My intention in sitting today is so I may be more aware of my emotions.” For more help in doing this, read Give Your Meditation Practice Staying Power: Set an Intention. Follow the guided audio for intention setting and take your meditation practice to a deeper level.

Share your experience with intention setting and meditation. You might just be the inspiration that someone needs to start down the meditation path to change their life!