Just Breathe

What happens when we focus on our breath? Well first it is a little uncomfortable. As Elena describes in Chapter 5 of Onward, You sit down, get your body comfortable, close your eyes, and then inhale. Then you exhale. Then you inhale. Then your mind goes sort of crazy. it tells you that your back aches and your nose itches, and it asks you why you are doing this?…You remember that you really need to send an overdue email and restoke your vitamins and earthquake supplies…Your foot has fallen asleep and your nose is still itchy, and where is that distant beeping sound coming from?

But the coolest thing is that the more we just focus on our breath, the easier it becomes and the more we start to notice the benefits in our daily lives. Try starting out for just five minutes a day. Try different guided meditations to see which one resonates with you. Here is a TEDTalk Breath – Five Minutes Can Change Your Life that takes the audience through a 5 minute breathing activity. Watch and play along. What were you feeling after the exercise? Incorporate this daily for the month and watch your life change.