Give Me 30 Seconds

That’s all I need right now. 30 seconds of your time. Not too much to ask right? Close your eyes and take 30 seconds to think about something you’re feeling grateful for in this moment?

What did that feel like? What did you notice?

I love this activity that Elena Aguilar writes about in Onward. It’s so simple. And yet it can have such a large impact! In Chapter 12 of Onward, Elena shares how Appreciation is like a secret sauce. You need only a few drops of it every day— in combination with other key habits and dispositions—to create a rich resilience. That’s because feeling and expressing appreciation strengthens social connections, deepens our emotional intelligence and self-confidence, and heightens our ability to focus on the positive.

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  • Thank you for reminding me about this quick exercise. I used it while my kids were playing together in the bathtub tonight playing with their bath toys. I closed my eyes, listened to them laugh and squeal and felt so grateful for that moment. <3

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