Practicing Mindfulness at Work

This month as we focus on staying present, our hope is to offer you motivation to do this. Mindfulness, by definition, seems so simple: the nonjudgmental cultivation of moment-t0-moment awareness. But how do we go about doing this?

This article from Forbes, How to Practice Mindfulness at Work, provides an explanation on 4 simple strategies to help boost your resilience through mindfulness.

  1. Pick a mantra
  2. Focus on your breathing
  3. Take a relaxing lunch break
  4. Write a gratitude note

Yesterday’s post on The Monthly Mantra for October will help you with the first strategy. And as you begin practicing strategy #2, use the breathing meditation that Elena guides you through from the resources tab on this site. As for the third strategy, for those in education, this is often the hardest. Our lives are bound by bell schedules and endless to-do lists, copies to be made, lunch supervision, but taking a 10 minute quiet break during lunch will give you the resilience that you will need to make it through the afternoon. Try this out for October and you will love the change you will see. Finally watch this video on Building Resilience Through Gratitude. You will definitely be inspired to add strategy #4 into your daily practice.

Notice how small changes throughout your day have a big impact on your resilience!